The Netherlands
Selfies aan zee, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2014

The situation. Trying out, analyzing the situation

under wires, action, The Netherlands, 2005
kniespanning, action, The Netherlands, 2007
meebewegen, animation, The Netherlands, 2007

Why this woman is wearing a newspaper on her head, I don’t know. She obviously had a good reason, because she kept on doing it for a long time. I should have filmed it. Pages that waft up and down in the wind.

Krant op hoofd, photo, The Netherlands, 2005

Keys that jingle

I would like to film him actually, maybe just for the sound. But the mpvement of his hips are important too.

sleutels die rinkelen, note, The Netherlands, 2006

The sun rays break through the holes in the clouds and light up little pieces of the world, as if to bring attention to the really important details.

zonnestralen, note, The Netherlands, 2005

A series that i started but that I never finished.

tassen achter rug, photo, The Netherlands, 2005
Hakschoen, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2002
Dansende vingers, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2003

I love permanent seating arrangements in public spaces. People are forced to sit in a way that's already been thought up by somebody.

I also love improvised seating arrangements.

geïmproviseerde zitplaatsen, note, The Netherlands, 2005

The people look at something in the distance. Beautiful, the high wall.

mensen en muur, note, The Netherlands, 2003

Speaking with elbows

These men have their elbows at a set point, their arms lead the conversation.

Talking with elbows, note, The Netherlands, 2004

I met a man and a woman who were resting on a bench. The woman had short feet. 
They told me they always took the stone along in their car whenever they went on a outing. That way she could always sit with her feet on the stone on the ground

steen voeten grond, photo, The Netherlands, 2004
klak hak, animation, The Netherlands, 2002
Bal, photo, The Netherlands, 2005
testing measuring distance, action, The Netherlands, 2005
erop eraf, note, The Netherlands, 2005
dozen klemmen, action, The Netherlands, 2001
binnenzak buitenzak parallel, note, The Netherlands, 2004
tas tussen benen bewaken, note, The Netherlands, 2006
Measuring the distance, action, The Netherlands, 2005
Ballon, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2003
Hangend meisje, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2002

Push umbrella against wall, like this the umbrella stays. Hands free for other things.

paraplu, note, The Netherlands, 2005
pole, note, The Netherlands, 2005
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