You can see the approach in the shape of the fence (and by their knees).

hekgesprek, photo, New York, 2007
Bellies, photo, Russia, 2011
meebewegen, animation, The Netherlands, 2007
laughing about a letter, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005
lightening couples, photo, Japan, 2008
hoofd tegen rug, photo, Russia, 2006
liggen in het park, photo, Bordeaux, 2003

These two pictures were next to each other on my desk coincidentally.

They seem like a combination of the past and the present. Photographed on the same spot, only forty years later.

vroeger en nu, note, China, 2005
Dansende vingers, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2003
wet dry, note, Barcelona, 2004

I met a man and a woman who were resting on a bench. The woman had short feet. 
They told me they always took the stone along in their car whenever they went on a outing. That way she could always sit with her feet on the stone on the ground

steen voeten grond, photo, The Netherlands, 2004
heads and hair, photo, Japan, 2008
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