lines, folds and wrinkles
11 fragments of japan / Jacket, movieclip, Japan, 2008
strings, action, Japan, 2008
kniespanning, action, The Netherlands, 2007

Sketchbook 4, page 63

The man is standing still: smooth jacket. His thoughts are orderly.
The man is walking: wrinkled jacket. His thoughts are pinched, getting stuck (he walks and gets anxious).

smooth jacket = orderly thoughts, note, Berlin, 2006

Sharp corners = sharp photo

When I saw the paper corners hanging loosely like this I felt the need to fold them, make them sharp and clear.


onduidelijke hoeken, photo, India, 2006

The loosely held pages tremble and move up and down. Through the motion of the subway but also through the natural trembling of the man’s hand and arm.

Show the resemblance between pages and thoughts: first film the loose pages and then move the camera up to his head. Then keep the camera still and focus on his forehead.

Loose pages, note, Japan, 2008

The real situation and the shadow of it.
Try out again to analyse the situation.


Schaduwlijnen, note, India, 2009
flying money, animation, Birma, 2012
doorschijnend, photo, India, 2007
trek jas, photo, Russia, 2006
vormstudie kraag, photo, India, 2007

Same wrinkels under his feet
Same wrinkels on the bottle

Shadow line ends exactly at his feet > see elbow in sun

rimpels voeten fles, note, India, 2007

Hij stond op het punt zijn fiets om te draaien.
Schaduw lijnen worden energielijnen.

Lines , photo, China, 2005
scheve foto, photo, Russia, 2006
Hond hond hond, note, Italy, 2006
field routines, photo, Japan, 2009
Standing in circles, photo, Japan, 2009

Red lines in NYC.
The red lines around the head of the woman are the most personal.

Red lines in NYC, note, New York, 2005
LIJNEN MAN, photo, China, 2005
Sock, animation, China, 2005
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