klemmen , action, China, 2006
post office, action, India, 2007
strings, action, Japan, 2008
plaats innemen, action, India, 2007

The situation. Trying out, analyzing the situation

under wires, action, The Netherlands, 2005
schuin vlak, action, Japan, 2008
kniespanning, action, The Netherlands, 2007

Man on a bench that's too high.
Dangling feet.
He also made a photo of me. I asked him to. Only he didn't get the point. My dangling legs have been cut off rigorously!

Dangling feet, action, India, 2009
testing measuring distance, action, The Netherlands, 2005
dozen klemmen, action, The Netherlands, 2001
schuine bank, action, Russia, 2006
Measuring the distance, action, The Netherlands, 2005
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