post office, action, India, 2007
plaats innemen, action, India, 2007

Sharp corners = sharp photo

When I saw the paper corners hanging loosely like this I felt the need to fold them, make them sharp and clear.


onduidelijke hoeken, photo, India, 2006

I tried to ask him if he wanted to keep his paintbrush parallel to the pencil behind his ear. At first I wanted him to do this while painting, but it didn’t work. Then we tried it apart from the act. It’s a pity he’s laughing.

parallel pencil, photo, India, 2009

The real situation and the shadow of it.
Try out again to analyse the situation.


Schaduwlijnen, note, India, 2009

Man on a bench that's too high.
Dangling feet.
He also made a photo of me. I asked him to. Only he didn't get the point. My dangling legs have been cut off rigorously!

Dangling feet, action, India, 2009
doorschijnend, photo, India, 2007
vormstudie kraag, photo, India, 2007

Same wrinkels under his feet
Same wrinkels on the bottle

Shadow line ends exactly at his feet > see elbow in sun

rimpels voeten fles, note, India, 2007
Opgerolde gedachte, photo, India, 2009
whirlpool, movieclip, India, 2009
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