houtstapel, photo, China, 2005
Schuine bank, photo, China, 2006
Stick, movieclip, China, 2005
klemmen , action, China, 2006
Hakken aan een geknakte tak, photo, China, 2005

This woman is reading from a book to the man laying behind her. Every once in a while he lift up his head, when he hasn't understood, to ask her to repeat it. Then he looks at her. For the rest he listenens and she reads. Nice form of communication, especially observed from a distance.

reading out aloud, note, China, 2006
muurtje stapel staan, photo, China, 2005

These two pictures were next to each other on my desk coincidentally.

They seem like a combination of the past and the present. Photographed on the same spot, only forty years later.

vroeger en nu, note, China, 2005
draak aanraken, movieclip, China, 2006
Rek oefening , movieclip, China, 2005

Hij stond op het punt zijn fiets om te draaien.
Schaduw lijnen worden energielijnen.

Lines , photo, China, 2005
couple high low, photo, China, 2005
Blote stukken, note, China, 2005
LIJNEN MAN, photo, China, 2005
Sock, animation, China, 2005
Birds, movieclip, China, 2005
Walking Trees, movieclip, China, 2005
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