walk on a line, movieclip, Japan, 2008
Touw ertussen, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005
Stick, movieclip, China, 2005
social dance, movieclip, Japan, 2008
Concrete, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005
11 fragments of japan / Jacket, movieclip, Japan, 2008

Burma, a country with a fast changing society. Here we see a bus control-ler who hangs with his arm out of the broken window of the bus. But this time he caresses the bus, as if it concerns a body - almost sensual. In the context of Burma it means much more. For example, I was not allowed to show this video in Burma in 2011. It was censured by the Burmese censor-ship committee because it symbolized captivity. ‘

Caress the bus, movieclip, Birma, 2011

This clip didn't end up in the work " To those that will, ways re not wanting". It stood out from the rest. A pity, because the man demonstrates the function of the passage in style.

Passage Isfahan, movieclip, Iran, 2018
Selfies aan zee, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2014
Cassette tape, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005
laughing about a letter, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005
draak aanraken, movieclip, China, 2006
Rek oefening , movieclip, China, 2005
Hakschoen, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2002
Dansende vingers, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2003
dangling feet bench, movieclip, Japan, 2008
Fitness in Kiev, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005
Ueno Park, movieclip, Japan, 2008
Swinging umbrellas, movieclip, Japan, 2008
Birds, movieclip, China, 2005
Walking Trees, movieclip, China, 2005
belonging to eachother, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005
Umbrella and praying, movieclip, France, 2020
Singing under Umbrella, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005
Ballon, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2003
whirlpool, movieclip, India, 2009
Railing, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005
Hangend meisje, movieclip, The Netherlands, 2002
Alighned in Isfahan, movieclip, Iran, 2016
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