schoolklassen en tassen, photo, Japan, 2015
walk on a line, movieclip, Japan, 2008
social dance, movieclip, Japan, 2008
11 fragments of japan / Jacket, movieclip, Japan, 2008
strings, action, Japan, 2008
schuin vlak, action, Japan, 2008
lightening couples, photo, Japan, 2008
boom hangen, photo, Japan, 2009
Jasjes over reling, photo, Japan, 2008
against his back, photo, Japan, 2008

Maybe she should turn around while the man is writing down her address.

adres opschrijven, photo, Japan, 2008

I filmed a man who was simultaneously walking and reading.
This way I captured the world for him that was passing him by.


Walking and reading, note, Japan, 2008

The loosely held pages tremble and move up and down. Through the motion of the subway but also through the natural trembling of the man’s hand and arm.

Show the resemblance between pages and thoughts: first film the loose pages and then move the camera up to his head. Then keep the camera still and focus on his forehead.

Loose pages, note, Japan, 2008
dangling feet bench, movieclip, Japan, 2008
heads and hair, photo, Japan, 2008
schuin op schip, photo, Japan, 2008
field routines, photo, Japan, 2009
Standing in circles, photo, Japan, 2009
Ueno Park, movieclip, Japan, 2008
Swinging umbrellas, movieclip, Japan, 2008
Stone, photo, Japan, 2008
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