You can see the approach in the shape of the fence (and by their knees).

hekgesprek, photo, New York, 2007
Bellies, photo, Russia, 2011
Sleeping on a Toyota, photo, Birma, 2015
Passage, photo, Iran, 2016
houtstapel, photo, China, 2005
schoolklassen en tassen, photo, Japan, 2015
Schuine bank, photo, China, 2006

Why this woman is wearing a newspaper on her head, I don’t know. She obviously had a good reason, because she kept on doing it for a long time. I should have filmed it. Pages that waft up and down in the wind.

Krant op hoofd, photo, The Netherlands, 2005
kranten , photo, Russia, 2006
listening to music, photo, New York, 2013
Loopsporen, photo, Birma, 2015
Hakken aan een geknakte tak, photo, China, 2005
muurtje stapel staan, photo, China, 2005
sunbathing, photo, Ukraine, 2005
lightening couples, photo, Japan, 2008

Sharp corners = sharp photo

When I saw the paper corners hanging loosely like this I felt the need to fold them, make them sharp and clear.


onduidelijke hoeken, photo, India, 2006
tussenoplossing, photo, Russia, 2006
Destruction, photo, Iran, 2018
witte handschoen, photo, Russia, 2006

A series that i started but that I never finished.

tassen achter rug, photo, The Netherlands, 2005
fishing backwards, photo, Istanbul, 2006
vinger koffer, photo, Berlin, 2004
hoofd tegen rug, photo, Russia, 2006
boom hangen, photo, Japan, 2009
stretching, photo, Mali, 2012
Jasjes over reling, photo, Japan, 2008
liggen in het park, photo, Bordeaux, 2003
seating objects, photo, Ukraine, 2005
against his back, photo, Japan, 2008

Maybe she should turn around while the man is writing down her address.

adres opschrijven, photo, Japan, 2008

I tried to ask him if he wanted to keep his paintbrush parallel to the pencil behind his ear. At first I wanted him to do this while painting, but it didn’t work. Then we tried it apart from the act. It’s a pity he’s laughing.

parallel pencil, photo, India, 2009
gymoefening , photo, Paris, 2003
hakschoenen, photo, Russia, 2006
in elkaar overlopen, photo, Russia, 2006
ruimte tussen benen, photo, Russia, 2006
walking stick, photo, Barcelona, 2004

I met a man and a woman who were resting on a bench. The woman had short feet. 
They told me they always took the stone along in their car whenever they went on a outing. That way she could always sit with her feet on the stone on the ground

steen voeten grond, photo, The Netherlands, 2004
hangen als en handdoek, photo, Bordeaux, 2003
visser , photo, Ukraine, 2005
doorschijnend, photo, India, 2007
kratje vol spanning, photo, Italy, 2005
trek jas, photo, Russia, 2006
vormstudie kraag, photo, India, 2007
Drie jongens tussen twee schaduwlijnen, photo, Ukraine, 2005
heads and hair, photo, Japan, 2008

Hij stond op het punt zijn fiets om te draaien.
Schaduw lijnen worden energielijnen.

Lines , photo, China, 2005

When I saw this, I thought this could be a start of a new series. Jackets who perfectly matching the distance between the head of man and pavement. The following weeks I saw many men with jackets sitting on the pavement, but never saw it back again in this state of perfection.

jacket , photo, Iran, 2018
couple high low, photo, China, 2005
scheve foto, photo, Russia, 2006
Bal, photo, The Netherlands, 2005
bold heads, photo, Italy, 2005
woman and bikes, photo, Barcelona, 2004
schuin staan, photo, USA, 2013
schuin op schip, photo, Japan, 2008
Ritssluiting , photo, Stockholm, 2005
Opgerolde gedachte, photo, India, 2009
field routines, photo, Japan, 2009
Hand behind her back, photo, New York, 2009
Standing in circles, photo, Japan, 2009
Proxemics (ants), photo, USA, 2013
LIJNEN MAN, photo, China, 2005
smartphone , photo, Birma, 2015
Stone, photo, Japan, 2008
Hand on railing, photo, Ukraine, 2005
Keeping distance, photo, New York, 2013
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