Concrete, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005
listening to music, photo, New York, 2013

Keys that jingle

I would like to film him actually, maybe just for the sound. But the mpvement of his hips are important too.

sleutels die rinkelen, note, The Netherlands, 2006
ruggen tegen elkaar, note, Paris, 2003

A series that i started but that I never finished.

tassen achter rug, photo, The Netherlands, 2005
hoofd tegen rug, photo, Russia, 2006
Jasjes over reling, photo, Japan, 2008
against his back, photo, Japan, 2008
wet dry, note, Barcelona, 2004
kratje vol spanning, photo, Italy, 2005
tas achter rug, note, Russia, 2006
Hand behind her back, photo, New York, 2009
Stone, photo, Japan, 2008
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