Schuine bank, photo, China, 2006
meebewegen, animation, The Netherlands, 2007
kranten , photo, Russia, 2006
laughing about a letter, movieclip, Ukraine, 2005

Man on a bench that's too high.
Dangling feet.
He also made a photo of me. I asked him to. Only he didn't get the point. My dangling legs have been cut off rigorously!

Dangling feet, action, India, 2009
dangling feet bench, movieclip, Japan, 2008

I thought the shape of the sofa matched the way he was sitting. And I like it that the wider a man mostly opens his legs (or how high his knees gets), how higher the pants crawl. 

trouserlegs, note, Stockholm, 2006

pressing     sticking     loose

hands holding things, note, Russia, 2006

I love permanent seating arrangements in public spaces. People are forced to sit in a way that's already been thought up by somebody.

I also love improvised seating arrangements.

geïmproviseerde zitplaatsen, note, The Netherlands, 2005

I met a man and a woman who were resting on a bench. The woman had short feet. 
They told me they always took the stone along in their car whenever they went on a outing. That way she could always sit with her feet on the stone on the ground

steen voeten grond, photo, The Netherlands, 2004
woman and bikes, photo, Barcelona, 2004
schuine bank, action, Russia, 2006
Ueno Park, movieclip, Japan, 2008
Measuring the distance, action, The Netherlands, 2005
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