behavioral patterns

Photo taken in the same street
(On how the immediate surroundings can influence behaviour)

papierstrookjes, note, New York, 2007
Passage, photo, Iran, 2016
walk on a line, movieclip, Japan, 2008

This clip didn't end up in the work " To those that will, ways re not wanting". It stood out from the rest. A pity, because the man demonstrates the function of the passage in style.

Passage Isfahan, movieclip, Iran, 2018
plaats innemen, action, India, 2007
fishing backwards, photo, Istanbul, 2006
seating objects, photo, Ukraine, 2005
draak aanraken, movieclip, China, 2006

School in Barcelona

Boys and girls come walking up with rollingcarts. At the gate they fold up the cart and make it into a bookbag. Then they put the bookbag on and they go into the school.
The area around the gate becomes the bordes between rolling carts and bookbags. Some of the children aren't so good at it yet, they just carry the bag in.

This is a good action to use in some sort of way. Maybe for making imaginary borders visible.

Schoolbags, note, Barcelona, 2004
woman and bikes, photo, Barcelona, 2004
Blote stukken, note, China, 2005
field routines, photo, Japan, 2009
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