Stay Healthy, 2020
A series of short video portraits

The world is in lockdown. We see impressive photos of empty streets and abandoned city architecture, but also optimism about cleaner air, and a renewed appreciation of silence. On social media, images are shared in which the camera traverses cities that appear barely inhabited.

At the invitation of TAAK, artist Paulien Oltheten looks for examples of human contact amidst the silence and sterility surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Compared to other countries, The Netherlands allows individuals to interpret measures relatively freely. In Stay Healthy, a series of short video portraits, Oltheten documents a range of interpretations and ways of relating to each other in Amsterdam and surroundings.

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A charming balcony scene of two neighbors who first meet because of the lockdown.

NEIGHBORS, 3min34s

A clever way of handing out flyers while keeping a 1.5 meters distance.


How can you tell if someone is working from home?


Regulars staying loyal to their favorite pub in times of corona.

REGULARS, 1min33s

A stick to teach passers-by the meaning of 1.5 meters in all directions, or a handy tool for provocation?
STICK, movie, 2min48s
A conversation in which a father and son share their daily lockdown concerns.


A jogger wearing a mask on Keizersgracht.

JOGGER, 1min05s

Two friends who would normally sit closer together.

BENCH, 1min40s

A woman takes the measures to combat virus infection very seriously, for herself, for her cat and for the local community.

SPRAY, 1min50s

A man worries that his favorite log of wood for doing exercises will end up on a barbecue.
FITNESS, movie, 1min30s
The entrance is a great place for hanging out in times of corona. No tourists, no wind, and bicycle trips in the countryside on weekends. This is quality living.
BOOKING.COM , movie, 2min02s
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