Man and Dog, 2002

Video SD, 3min47s, The Netherlands (NL)

In the video Man and Dog, in just three minutes and a minimum montage, Paulien Oltheten turns a banal game scene to a scene with palpable threat, as if the animal’s instincts had woken up. But who from the man or the dog threatens the other?

Part of my graduation work at art academy AKV/St-Joost 's-Hertogenbosch

Collection of ABN Amro (NL), Nederlands Foto Museum (NL), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL), Frac Normandie Caen (FR).

Video SD, 3min47s, The Netherlands (NL)

The original dog posing next to the videowork at Extrapool, Nijmegen (NL), 2004 

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