Vitrina, Inventing Everyday Life - Local Library Window
As part of Manifesta 10 Parallel Program 2014
9 till 25 September 2014

Inventing Everyday Life Part III: Street 04.09 — 25.09 / 2014. As part of Manifesta 10 Parallel Program.

Paulien Oltheten, Theory of the Street, photography, drawing, 2003–ongoing

The research-based installation brings together dozens of photographs, drawings, and video stills, each of which focuses on how we move through, sit, stand, lounge and behave in public spaces, and how we relate to other people and objects. 

About the total project:

‘Local Library Window: Contemporary Art About Everyone for Everyone’ is a project in which an exterior window of a library in a remote residential area was used as an exhibition space. Five summer seasons, from 2013 to 2017, took place at this site, where, besides this library at Maurice Thorez Prospect, 32, no cultural establishments exist nearby. This curatorial intervention aimed to move contemporary art practices beyond the usual museum-gallery system toward a wider audience and to examine the different manifestations of everyday life in a place of its most apparent concentration. 

Flyer of Vitrina Part III: STREET

Installing / Passers-by

Video documentation of Theory of the Street, st_Petersburg 2014

Filming two man in suit looking at the work.

Installing / woman pointing at photograph

Installing / Passers-by

Installing / kids watching

Explaining my work to Andy Shab, curator of the local window library project

Overview of the street

Opening /  Drinks inside the Library

Marusha Baturina watching...

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