Something Thrown in The Way of the Observer
Museum van Loon, Amsterdam
28 June till 31 August 2015

Something Thrown in the Way of the Observer is a group exhibition at Museum van Loon. Amidst tables and cupboards from which visitors keep a respectful distance, six artists examine how things move us. > read more

For this exhibition I created a new work with the title 'No one dies in this museum, a tour of sorts.' A guided tour for small groups (performed in collaboration with Jasmin Moeller), and a booklet, 40 pages.

About the work:
A tour guide tells stories about objects in the museum. For this exhibition, I have lived in this role as a guide and guided tour, linking images from the public space with the objects in the exhibition halls. In this way, the carpet is connected to a temple in Japan and fits the painting on which a man only wears one glove effortlessly in a series of pictures of a older performance. This while incidentally citing the anecdote about how butlers without gloves long ago expressed the wealth of a family. In the tour the outside world is brought indoors. A story which is, depending on who tells it, always another version.

With: Batia Suter/ Richtje Reinsma/ Luuk Schröder/ Paulien Oltheten/ Rosa Sijben/ Uta Eisenreich & curated by Bernke Klein Zandvoort

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