Rauma Triënnale: In praise of Boredom
Rauma Museum
8 June till 15 September 2019

The first Rauma Triennale, to be held this summer, will challenge you to consider the value of boredom – a phenomenon seemingly to be avoided at all costs in our time, the stimulus-packed era of digitalisation and globalisation. What do we lose if we give up boredom? Does boredom hide something worth holding on to? 

The exhibition is hosted by the Rauma Art Museum and the abandoned shopping centre of Tarvontori. Boredom is present in the works in a number of ways: as a laborious technique, slow-paced contents or an appearance that demands it be explored without hurry.

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Overview video installation

Enjoying the opening with participating artists Nabil Boutros and Elina Vainio.

Vitirine with objects used in the performance.

Opening speech

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