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Goethe Institute Hong Kong
19 January till 19 March 2024

Curated by Yining He and Ruben Lundgren, "NL Imagined" features the works of 11 established and emerging artists, who all currently live and work in the Netherlands (NL). The exhibition showcases the artists' responses to contemporary topics concerning the history, society, and culture of the Netherlands. These combine to a new dialogue between history and the present, between today's reality and what local audiences might imagine about the Netherlands.

Participating Artists
Marwan Bassiouni | Johannes Bosgra | Hans Eijkelboom | Marvel Harris | Erik Kessels | Dana Lixenberg | Corinne Noordenbos | Erwin Olaf | Paulien Oltheten | Viviane Sassen |Gilleam Trapenberg

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