The first thing I saw, 2006

Self published, 56 p, ills colour and b/w
Size: 18 x 12 cm
Language: Dutch/English


The first thing I saw in China was people walking up a mountain backwards. I saw them in the morning out my window. As a child you think that the people on the other side of the world walk upside down. I thought that way again for a second when I was standing there by the window...

Page 1 The first thing I saw
Page 5 Handglove
Page 8 - 9 In the Ukraine a boy washed his bike with his hands. That's more intimate.
Page 10-11 Dragon
Page 16-17 Theory of high and low ( work on more)
Page 30-31 Story of the boy with stick and little roll of paper
Page 40-41 Hearing distance
Page 44-45 A man moves his hands up and down in constant tempo. Without breaking his rhythm he takes his glasses of his nose in one movement. Great!
Page 48-49
Page 52-53 Rijksakademie, Amsterdam 2006
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