Photos of Japan and my Archive, NAi/010, 2011

Design: Joost Grootens
Pages: 238 p, ills colour
Format: 27,1 x 20,5 x 1,6 cm
Language: English
Publisher: NAi/010 publishers
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9789056627997

Paulien Oltheten (b. 1982) travels the globe with her camera, casually but precisely capturing photos and video footage of people who are hanging around and tagging along. "Walk on a line" is a compilation of photos and film stills that were recently shot in Japan in combination with images, short texts and sketches from her extensive archive. Through her novel handling of the medium, within the tradition of documentary street photography, Oltheten occupies a prominent position in Dutch contemporary photography and art. "Photos of Japan..." is a book about ideas, about lines, folds and wrinkles, about interstitiary spaces and traces. Whether everyday or absurd, real or stage-managed, the images are above all terribly infectious.

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