From Where I Stand / Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie 2022, Mannheim (DE)
Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie, Mannheim (DE)
18 March till 22 May 2022

My work ' La Défense, the Venturing Gaze' and 'Notebook series 2020' are presented at Kunsthalle Mannheim in the exhibition Shaping Data.

Friedrichsplatz 4
D-68165 Mannheim

Shaping Data explores how the widespread use of digital technologies affects our physical bodies, frames our opinions, and alters human interactions. We spend lots of our time with our devices sharing often personal data that fuels algorithms. In turn, these algorithmic processes decide what we see and hear. This immediate feedback creates the illusion that we are in control of our own lives and the lives of others.

The selected artists in Shaping Data critically examine the relationship between physical and virtual worlds while disrupting existing technologies. They try to reveal patterns created by artificial intelligence; for example: wherever there are biased people, there are biased images, and biased algorithms that have sorted those images.

Shaping Data also presents possible futures in which our enhanced bodies and lives become the new norm. What does it mean to be human in a highly automated world and how can we shape the data in an effort to create a more equal world?

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