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 [27th of March 2021, 8am]

I'm following a personages for my possible new (webcam) film, working title: 'Lourdes TV'.
A woman with a colorful daypack is always one of the first visitors on the Holy site. Every morning she has the same routine. She enters the frame from the left side, stands still in front of the Cave of Apparations, starts praying, becomes slightly restless at the certain point, she twists and turns her body. She then makes the sign of the cross, turns towards me, to the webcam camera and starts waving and giving handkisses.

To whom she is waving? Does she know that I'm watching her? Her brief moment of Fame? I'm now waiting for her every morning and waving back.

project LOURDES TV (work in progress), 2021

Grofvuilzameling Schiedam Oost

Commissioned work for Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, 2020-2021.

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© Paulien Oltheten, 2021